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Welcome to SQL/forge

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SQL/forge is a SQL Server help and reference website. In these pages we'll try to answer many of the common questions we get regularly. For now we're beginning with general knowledge questions, but the intent is to add more advanced topics as we have time. If you have a question you'd like answered, shoot an email to us from the About page.


Braces small.png What is set-based processing?

Percent small.png How does the LIKE operator work?

Query small.png What's a SELECT query?

Time small.png How does SQL store date and time data?

Delete small.png How do I delete rows from a table?

Cancel small.png What's the difference between DELETE and TRUNCATE?

Upsert small.png How does "Upsert" work?

Union small.png What are set operators?

Key small.png What are keys?

Null small.png What is "null"?

Page small.png What are SQL Server pages and extents?

Index small.png What's the difference between a clustered index, a nonclustered index and a heap?

Join small.png What is a join?

Equal small.png What does "not distinct" mean?

Course small.png SQL Server 101 Course

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